Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a linear progression system that allows you to earn a ton of reward every season, which last around 30 days.
The way you make some progress in the Ambassador Program is by increasing your score, which you can view in your inventory and increase for free by inviting your friends to the Community Server, or by paying a small fee.

How to increase your score for free:

1. Go to the #home channel inside the Community Server.
2. Create a permanent link connected to the channel.
3. Send it to your friends and wait for them to join.
4. If everything works, you should get a DM from PEEKY.

How to increase your score by paying:

1. Go to the Store page and find the "Ambassador Skips" item.
2. Click the purchase button, after which you want to complete the transaction.
3. If the transaction was accepted and everything works out, you should get a DM from PEEKY.