Commands Premium Users, Upgraded Servers, Anyone/Anywhere

Function Commands

Overview Gives you the list of all the functions and their current state and setting. p!overview None
Toggle Toggles a function's state between enabled and disabled. p!toggle [function name] MANAGE_GUILD
Set Sets a function's setting, if available. p!set [function name] [setting] MANAGE_GUILD
Clear Clears a function's array setting, if available. p!clear [function name] MANAGE_GUILD

Server Setting Commands

Prefix Changes the prefix for the entire server. p!prefix [text] Server Owner
Languages Shows the list of languages and allows you to set one for of the server. p!languages MANAGE_GUILD
MuteRole Changes the name of the Mute role that PEEKY uses for the moderation commands and some functions. p!muterole [role name] MANAGE_GUILD
TreasureChannel Tells PEEKY what channel he should send random treasures to. p!treasurechannel [channel name] MANAGE_GUILD
LevelNotifications Toggles the Level Notifications between enabled and disabled. p!functionnotifications MANAGE_GUILD
FunctionNotifications Toggles the Function Notifications between enabled and disabled. p!functionnotifications MANAGE_GUILD

Moderation Commands

Mute Mutes the mentioned user. p!mute [user mention] MUTE_MEMBERS
Unmute Unmutes the mentioned user. p!unmute [user mention] MUTE_MEMBERS
Slowmode Sets a slowmode with a custom length. p!slowmode [number] MANAGE_CHANNELS
Purge Purges a specific amont of messages. p!purge [number] MANAGE_MESSAGES
IDBan Bans a user outside the server based on their ID. p!idban [user id] BAN_MEMBERS
Ban Bans a user inside the server. p!ban [user mention] BAN_MEMBERS
Kick Kicks a user inside the server. p!kick [user mention] KICK_MEMBERS

Music Commands

Play Plays a song from YouTube or adds it to the queue when there's a song already playing. p!play [song name]
p!play [YouTube URL]
p!play ["random"]
p!play ["previous"]
p!play ["playlist"]
p!playlist ["playlist"] [user mention]
Playlist Manages or shows your music playlist. p!playlist
p!playlist ["add"] [YouTube URL]
p!playlist ["add"] ["current"]
p!playlist ["remove"] [YouTube URL]
p!playlist ["clear"]
p!playlist ["rename"] [name]
p!playlist ["thumbnail"] [file]
p!playlist [user mention]
Music Displays a music menu that allows you to toggle stuff like the Music Mode. p!music None
Queue Displays the entire queue for the server. p!queue None
Current Shows what song is currently being played and how much time is left until it ends. p!current None
Skip Can either skip the current song or remove songs from the queue. p!skip
p!skip [YouTube URL]
Stop Clears the entire queue and makes PEEKY leave the voice channel. p!stop None

Profile Commands

Profile Shows a profile of you or someone else. p!profile
p!profile [user mention]
Inventory Shows inventory of the specified profile, which includes stuff like backgrounds, badges and other miscellaneous stats. p!inventory
p!inventory [user mention]
BuyBackground Buys a specified background for your profile and adds it your inventory. p!buybackground [background ID] None
CustomBackground Buys a custom background for your profile. p!custombackground [file] None
SetBackground Sets the specified background for your profile, but only if you already have it in your inventory. p!setbackground [background ID] None
SellBackground Sells a background from your inventory for a fraction of it's original price. p!sellbackground [background ID]
p!sellbackground ["all"]
SeeBackground Shows the image and stats of a specified background. p!seebackground [background ID] None
BuyDescription Buys a description for your profile at an indefinite price. p!buydescription [text] None
Daily Gives you a chest as a daily reward. p!daily
Gift Give someone some of your items like backgrounds, chests, etc... p!gift [user mention] ["gredit"] [number]
p!gift [user mention] ["chest"] [number]
p!gift [user mention] ["background"] [number]
Open Opens one or more of your chests for a nice loot. p!open
p!open ["all"]

Minigame Commands

Akinator Starts the "Akinator" minigame. p!akinator None
Hangman Starts the "Hangman" minigame. p!hangman None
DrawAndGuess Starts the "Draw and Guess" minigame. p!drawandguess None
GuessTheSong Starts the "Guess the Song" minigame. p!guessthesong None
TriviaQuestions Starts the "Trivia Questions" minigame. p!triviaquestions None

Miscellaneous Commands

Essentials Enables and disables whenever some of the bot's functions work on you. More info in the Tutorials page. p!essentials None
Giveaway Starts the proccess of creating a giveaway in the current channel.
Ignores permissions when triggered in a channel called "giveaways".
p!giveaway MANAGE_GUILD
TimeZone Sets the time offset in your server, which is used in several functions and commands p!timezone [number] MANAGE_GUILD
Upgrade Upgrades the current server, if available. p!upgrade None
SetInvite Searches the current channel for a server invite to use in the Server List. p!setinvite Server Owner

Other Commands

Help Shows PEEKY's help menu. p!help None
Commands Shows a link to the Commands page. p!commands None
Functions Shows a link to the Functions page. p!functions None
Tutorials Shows a link to the Tutorials page. p!tutorials None
Challenges Shows a link to the Challenges page. p!challenges None
Backgrounds Shows a link to the Backgrounds page. p!backgrounds None
Leaderboard Shows a link to the Leaderboard page. p!leaderboard None
Store Shows a link to the Store page. p!store None