Tutorials Here are some quick and easy guides for PEEKY.
If you don't understand something, join the Community Server!

Setting up PEEKY in your server

So you're interested in implementing PEEKY to your Discord server? Awesome!

The first thing you wanna do is to add PEEKY to your server with all the wanted permissions, so that you minimize the amount of problems that you and the bot that would come later on.
You can invite PEEKY by going to the home page, then you just select an arbitrary server from the list and PEEKY will be there in no time!

Now that PEEKY is in your server, there's alot of stuff that he can do, but right now we'll just focus on functions.
Functions are something that PEEKY uses to enhance your server, stuff like Welcome Messages and even Role savers.
You can find the list of all the available functions in the Functions page.

After you find a function that you'd like PEEKY to use, simply use the Toggle and Set commands.
The Toggle command switches a function's state between enabled and disabled, but the Set command will change the function's setting.
For example, with the Welcome Messages function, we can use the Set command to change the channel that the function will send messages to, and then enable the function with the Toggle command.

If you wanna see all the enabled functions and their settings, you can use the Overview command.
List of all the commands can be found in the Commands page.

Any further questions? Come and join the Community Server or consider using the server template!

Profile Backgrounds

This is a tutorial on how to to purchase and equip a background for your profile.

If you want to see all of the backgrounds that you can put on your profile, they are all displayed in the Backgrounds page.
Be sure to go there and see what background suits your profile the best!

After you find a fitting background, be sure to copy the attached command and paste it in Discord to see all the possible commands.
From the list you should focus on two commands called BuyBackground and SetBackground.
The BuyBackground will add the background to your inventory for a price and the SetBackground command will then set it on your profile.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a linear progression system that allows you to earn a ton of rewards every season, which last around 30 days.
The way you make some progress in the Ambassador Program is by increasing your score, which you can view in your inventory and increase for free by inviting your friends to the Community Server, or by paying a small fee.

How to increase your score for free:
1. Go to the #home channel inside the Community Server.
2. Create a permanent link connected to the channel.
3. Send it to your friends and wait for them to join.
4. If everything works, you should get a DM from PEEKY.

(Be sure to tell your friend that they'll receive the Receiver badge as a bonus!)

How to increase your score by paying:
1. Go to the Store page and find the "Ambasador Skips" item.
2. Click the purchase button, after which you want to complete the transaction.
3. If the transaction was accepted and everything works out, you should get a DM from PEEKY.


Workshop is a channel in the Community Server that allows you to submit your images to PEEKY's background gallery.

When uploading a background, you should also keeep in mind that racist or NSFW images are strongly forbidden and could get you blocked from the Workshop.
This is the format that you wanna use, otherwise the submission will be automatically removed.
Name: [text]
Credit: [text]
Price: [number]

If you're submitting your own work, you are eligible for your background to have Background Revenue enabled, which means that you will get Gredit for everytime the backgrounds gets bought.
You can see that your background has revenue enabled when it says "revenue enabled" in the Background list.

You may have also noticed that there are exclusive backgrounds.
Exclusive Backgrounds are usually given out through events and can be only added by PEEKY's developers.


Challenges are a bunch of tasks that you can complete on daily or weekly basis to earn a variety of rewards, such as Gredit, Exp, Chests and Backgrounds.
You can view the current challenges with their rewards and instructions on the Challenges page.

You can increase your rewards for completing the challenges by purchasing certain items from the Store page, such as Premium or the Server Booster item.


You can view PEEKY's API in the API page.

Node JS
    const fetch = require('node-fetch');

    fetch(`https://peeky.glitch.me/website_data/api.json`, {
        method: 'GET'
    }).then(response => response.json()).then(async (data) => {

Auto Wipe

Auto Wipe is a system that helps PEEKY runs smoother and cooler, so here's how it works.

Non-Upgraded servers that were not using the bot's commands or functions for a year will now be considered inactive and removed.

Unavailable or Fashion Badge-less profiles will now be auto wiped after a month of inactivity.
In this case, inactivity means not using the bot's commands.


By default, users that are using the bot are opted out of some of the bot's features, which includes the following:
• Stream Announcements function
• Streamer Role function

You can op in or out of this by typing the Essentials command.